SWorldPartitionEditorGrid2D causing editor to crash

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - World Partition - Mar 13, 2023

Postprocess volume priority bug

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 13, 2023

Import path is not updated when re-importing assets from another source path by drag and drop

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Import and Export - Mar 13, 2023

The reimport process does not respect the new source path. Below is a workaround. UE::Interchange::FAssetImportResultRef FReimportManager::ReimportAsync(UObject* Obj, bool bAskForNewFileIfMissing, ...

Adding parent constraint to control rig in shot crashes the editor

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Anim in Engine - Mar 10, 2023

Adding a constraint to a control rig in a subsequence will crash the editor. ...

Deadlock when running an asset validator commandlet with async skeletalmesh build

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Asset Build - Mar 10, 2023

[External Code]   UnrealEditor-Core.dll!FEventWin::Wait(unsigned int WaitTime, const bool bIgnoreThreadIdleStats) Line 1515 C++   UnrealEditor-Engine.dll!FAsyncTaskBase::WaitCompletionWithTimeout( ...

Editing Blueprint default values will make the level it is contained in get marked as dirty

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Mar 10, 2023

When Blueprint default values are edited, those edits will also be propagated to any active instances in the level. Each edit event will mark the level as dirty. Similarly, in a World Partition map ...

Distance Field AO for Hair shading model looks incorrect

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 10, 2023

It will be the same drawing as the Default Lit Material with the same value set to Nomral.[Image Removed] ...

Setting the sequence of a Level Sequence Actor after playing a sequence with an event will crash if played

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Mar 9, 2023

The editor crashes trying to find an event on the other level sequence when playing back the new one. ...

[AI] FMassBatchedEntityCommand uses wrong scoped access

UE - AI - Mass - Mar 9, 2023

FMassBatchedEntityCommand uses UE_MT_SCOPED_READ_ACCESS in both of its Add methods but it writes data to its TArray that it is supposed to be protecting. ...

Right-clicking a DataAsset Based on a Blueprint Class can Crash the Editor

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Mar 7, 2023

The editor can crash when you attempt to open the context menu for a data asset based on a blueprint class. This happens only if the blueprint class the data asset is based on is not currently loade ...