Subsurface shading model is broken when ray traced shadows are used in 5.1+

UE - Graphics Features - Ray Tracing - Apr 19, 2023

DataTable with structures containing TArray and TMap keeps increasing memory while no rows are selected

UE - Editor - UX - Apr 18, 2023

When using a DataTable based on a structure that includes TArray or TMap, if a row is not selected, the memory usage will continue to increase. This is because in SDetailsViewBase::Tick, ForceRefr ...

Trigger Delay Node Does Not Reset When Sent Another Trigger

UE - Audio - MetaSounds - Apr 17, 2023

Trigger Delay is not behaving as described in it's current tooltip, i.e. "Executes output trigger after the given delay time from the most recent execution of the input trigger." Namely, it is outpu ...

Assert during HLOD Mesh Build with Degenerate Triangles in a Mirrored Mesh Instance

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Import and Export - Apr 14, 2023

Licensee reports an issue with MeshDescription indexing when reversing a degenerate triangle. ...

ReversedDepthOnlyIndexBuffer exported even when bEnableDepthOnlyIndexBuffer is false

UE - Graphics Features - Apr 14, 2023

ReversedDepthOnlyIndexBuffer is exported even when bEnableDepthOnlyIndexBuffer is false. It's likely an error and line 568 in StaticMesh.cpp should rather be ://if (!bEnableReversedIndexBuffer) <= ...

Crash on IOS with spotlight shadow

UE - Platform - Mobile - Apr 13, 2023

Editor crashes when using servertravel during PIE mode.

UE - Editor - UX - Apr 13, 2023

The editor crashes when attempting Seamless Travel in PIE while the World Outliner is displayed and an actor is attached to another actor. ...

CopyFileUnderSourceControl Fails on Already Resolved Files

UE - Editor - Framework - Source Control - Apr 12, 2023

CopyFileUnderSourceControl has instances when the response is not a success even though the files are copied successfully under source control. It seems FPerforceCopyWorker::Execute() tries to reso ...