Adding a water island when substrate is true will flatten the landscape

UE - Graphics Features - Substrate - Jul 20, 2023

When a landscape weightmap or heightmap update is required, ALandscape::ResolveLayersTexture is called via the ALandscape::UpdateLayersContent() The problem appears to be that all pixels in the Out ...

USD Stage Import - Spawned actors by USD importer are not saved in level

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - USD - Jul 20, 2023

we ran into an issue with USD Importer plugin for Unreal 5.2. When you import a USDStage with the "actors" import option - which respawns the newly imported actors into the current level.  However, ...

Editor crashes when closing one viewport while two viewports are open in persona

UE - Anim - Runtime - Jul 20, 2023

Crash when opening anim sequence and closing one viewport with two viewports open. No crash when one viewport is closed from one viewport open. ...

Hair visibility override issues

UE - Rendering Architecture - Jul 19, 2023

Hair Culled but still evaluated

UE - Graphics Features - Jul 19, 2023

Niagara and Water Source Body Component

UE - Niagara - Jul 19, 2023

This has changed from 4.27 and the Deep Dive video on water: [Link Removed] ...

Reproducible softlock on iOS

UE - Platform - Apple - Jul 18, 2023

After performing the repro steps, screen will softlock unless you perform the "slide from 3 to 4, then back to 3" steps.  Appears to be an iOS system bug, but see if we can find a workaround. ...

Read-Only UI Components Don't Receive Input Events

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Jul 18, 2023

Custom context menus will not function when the property they are attached to is read-only,  as the input events no longer make it to our customization, but seem to get intercepted higher up the cha ...

Lumen Leaking and Reflection Flickering

UE - Rendering Architecture - Jul 18, 2023