Additive Pose Asset arms become over exteneded when blended with reference pose

OLD - Anim - Jan 27, 2017

Asset is praising the sun rather than having his arms straight out to the sides when blended with the reference pose. This is a regression from 4.14.3 ...

Spinbox value decimal point is moved one place to the right when edited on Android

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jan 26, 2017

After the value of the Spinbox is edited and committing the edited value, the decimal point will move one place to the right. ...

Ensure failure !bStaticCall nativizing blueprint calling blueprint function library function

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Runtime - Jan 26, 2017

With exclusive nativization enabled and a blueprint calling a blueprint function library function a project fails to package due to an ensure failure !bStaticCall in BlueprintCompilerCppBackend.cpp. ...

Crash Occurs when changing the 'Max Metal Shader Standard To Target' option within iOS Project Settings

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jan 26, 2017

A crash occurs when setting the Max Metal Standard Shader version within the Project Settings for iOS. I tested on both Mac and PC and the crash occurs on both machines. Regression? No, this is not ...

Shader complexity is broken in the forward renderer

UE - Graphics Features - Jan 26, 2017

Logstreaming warning when opening the editor: "LogStreaming:Warning: Failed to read file 'Common/RoundedSelection_16x.png' error."

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Slate - Jan 26, 2017

Encountered a warning opening the Editor: LogStreaming:Warning: Failed to read file 'Common/RoundedSelection_16x.png' error. This error is not present in the current Live 4.14.3 Binary. ...

Crash in editor when audio is playing

UE - Platform - Apple - Jan 26, 2017

This is a regression and does not occur on Windows ...

User Defined Enums may lose their display names on upgrade to 4.15

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Jan 26, 2017

Some users are reporting that User Defined Enums are losing their display names when upgraded to 4.15. ...

HISMC UpdateInstanceTransform blueprint function does not update bounds correctly

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Foliage - Jan 26, 2017