Compile on load crashes for classes within an abstract class

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Compiler - Feb 20, 2021

When compiling on load in -game, a blueprint class that inherits from a native class that is marked within and the class that it is within is abstract, a crash will occur when FBlueprintCompilationM ...

[Niagara] Sampling static mesh location throws error

UE - Rendering - Niagara - Feb 3, 2021

Assertion failed occurs in VR when walking into water on QA-Waterworks map

UE - Rendering - Jan 20, 2021

Encountered a crash when testing shadows in QA-Waterworks map. I found an issue when walking into the water at the bottom for Example 2A, where it would crash upon entering the water. See screenshot ...

Enabling window animations causes dropdown menus to flicker and become unselectable

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Slate - Jan 7, 2021

Not a regression as I was able to repro this in 4.25.4 The bug doesn't occur every single time, you may need to try disabling/re-enabling the setting and/or clicking on the menu dropdowns a few tim ...

Ensure in APlayerState::OnRep_bIsInactive may be hit

UE - Networking - Jan 6, 2021

The ensure in APlayerState::OnRep_bIsInactive may be hit due to the player state being replicated before the game state. The check is necessary for making sure the game state is available, but the e ...

Niagara Oscilloscope hangs indefinitely in cooked build

UE - Audio - Dec 9, 2020

Cooked games will hang on startup when using the Oscilloscope data interface due to an indefinite wait in FNiagaraSubmixListener::UnregisterFromSubmix  When setting GCVarEnableAudioCommandLogging t ...

When set the current language and asset group to different languages, the asset group will not work

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Localization - Nov 22, 2020

When set the current asset group language in a particular process, the asset refers to the "source asset" and output warning log. LogPackageLocalizationCache: Warning: Skipping the cache update for ...