SGameplayTagQueryWidget constructed in SGameplayTagQueryEntryBox ignores UGameplayTagsManager::OnGetCategoriesMetaFromPropertyHandle

UE - AI - Jan 9, 2024

2 issues with SGameplayTagQueryEntryBox that a UDN customer noticed:We are binding a delegate to UGameplayTagsManager::OnGetCategoriesMetaFromPropertyHandle to customize how the categories are retri ...

Mouse lock on a widget in the RetainerBox is misaligned and locked in the wrong position in the standalone/package application

UE - Editor - UI Systems - UMG - Jan 9, 2024

Locking the mouse to a widget covered by a Retainerbox locks it in a different position in the standalone/packaging application than in PIE.  This does not happen if RetainerBox is disabled and the ...

NiagaraEmitter is saved with the different asset name when renaming with speceficed name

UE - Niagara - Jan 9, 2024

Renaming a NiagaraEmitter to a specific asset name changes it to an unspecified asset name. This happens only with NiagaraEmitter, not with other assets.  ...

ParticlePosition doesn't use Previous values

UE - Niagara - Jan 9, 2024

FHLSLMaterialTranslator::ParticlePosition does not return Previous information when request which can result in bad motion vector calculation. ...

WP HLOD Crash on Small Cell Sizes

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - HLOD - Jan 8, 2024

Export Asset Task with Directory as Filename causes Editor Crash

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Jan 8, 2024

Cannot copy from the message log when building with Clang

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Jan 8, 2024

This was disabled for clang a long time ago in CL 3019423 due to a codegen crash but seems like the bug is fixed now ...

UInstancedStaticMeshComponentRemoveInstances crashes if called with an empty array

This looks like it can be fixed with an early-out when the passed array of indices is empty. Log:[2024.01.03-16.38.36:091][291]LogOutputDevice: Warning: Script Stack (1 frames) : /Game/BP_Crashy.B ...

Groom shadows stay visible when component is hidden

UE - Rendering Architecture - Jan 8, 2024

This appears to happen with both Virtual Shadow Maps and Cascaded Shadow Maps. ...

Merge Actor - Textures created with the "Merge" option are not visible in the Content Browser

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Merge Actor - Jan 8, 2024

A recent modification to the CB behavior made it so that only the main asset of a package is visible in the CB. It was unknown, but the merge actor tool "Merge" option has been creating a single pa ...