pose search cook determinism issue

UE - Anim - Gameplay - Jun 26, 2024

In class UCancellableAsyncAction, methods IsRegistered() and ShouldBroadcastDelegates() still return true after Cancel() or SetReadyToDestroy() unregisters the object.

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Jun 26, 2024

Class UBlueprintAsyncActionBase provides methods RegisterWithGameInstance() and SetReadyToDestroy(), which respectively register and unregister the object with the game instance. Derived class UCanc ...

Actors are removed from data layers after Play and Eject (F8) and using Save Changes (shortcut K)

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Data Layers - Jun 25, 2024

Bug in StringTemplate.cpp related to modulo operator in MaterialTemplate.ush (code fix provided)

UE - Rendering Architecture - Materials - Jun 25, 2024

Shader Template files like MaterialTemplate.ush do not submit previous chunks when encountering a `%` character, unless that `%` character is `%s` or `% {...} `. Because the error is happening ...

Nanite compute materials don't work with VolumetricLightmap

UE - Graphics Features - Nanite - Jun 25, 2024

In editor, custom primitive data dont work on instance static meshes in bp instance

UE - Gameplay - Components - Jun 25, 2024

Changes to custom primitive data properties for instanced meshes placed in the editor work in-game but are not otherwise reflected in-editor. ...

Crash when starting PIE on a World Partition level with a Niagara Component inside nested Child Actor Components

UE - Niagara - Jun 25, 2024

Consider an actor containing a Niagara Particle System Component, which is instantiated from another actor's Child Actor Component. When initializing PIE on a World Partition level containing this s ...

Anisotropy of base disappears when clear coat is greater than 0 when Substrate is enabled

UE - Graphics Features - Substrate - Jun 24, 2024

Anisotropy from the base of a material disappears when clear coat is used. Car paint with base specular_anisotropy at 0.5 and coat at 0.0 [Image Removed] When coat is 0.0: [Image Removed] ...

Editor crash when shader debugging enabled including r.shaders.optimize=0

UE - Rendering Architecture - Shaders - Jun 23, 2024

The editor crashes when activating cvar options for shader compilation and debugging. ...

Dynamic (transient) material instance assignment lost if object spawnable

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Jun 21, 2024

Material Instance Dynamic assigned to Spawnable objects with Editor Utility Widget get reverted when hit the Save button in Sequencer. This appears to come from the Material Instance Dynamic not be ...