After adding a member to a user-defined struct type and changing the member type to a user-defined enumeration, repeated edits to that enumeration will eventually cause the editor to become increasingly unresponsive for extended periods of time after each change.

It's easiest to reproduce by repeatedly changing the order of entries, but exposing the "Advanced" settings and repeatedly toggling the "Bitmask Flags" option on/off will eventually result in the same behavior.

This issue can be amplified if the enum is referenced by multiple user-defined struct types.

Note: renaming an enum entry does not trigger this behavior because that type of change does not also cause the referencing struct type(s) to be regenerated.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Launch QAGame editor.
  2. Create a new user-defined enumeration asset (MyEnum).
  3. Double-click to open in the enumeration editor.
  4. Add at least 2 new entries, then save.
  5. Create a new user-defined structure asset (MyUDS).
  6. Change the default member type from 'bool' to 'MyEnum', then save.
  7. Switch back to the enumeration editor.
  8. Click the "Up" arrow next to the last enumeration entry to move it up to the previous position.
  9. Repeat the previous step. Note that after about 8-10 iterations, the editor will become unresponsive for longer and longer periods each time after clicking the arrow icon.


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ComponentUE - Gameplay - Blueprint
Affects Versions4.264.27
Target Fix4.27
Fix Commit16377308
Release Commit16377371
CreatedMay 17, 2021
ResolvedMay 18, 2021
UpdatedDec 1, 2022
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