This issue is similar to UE-84380. But I tested the shelve 10164190 mentioned in the comments. It didn't work.

Steps to Reproduce

Similar to UE-84380 but different.

  1. Open any project
  2. Create a level sequence and name it Test_01
  3. Create an event track within
  4. Add a key and add a Print String node to the newly created Sequence Event
  5. Drag the sequence onto level. Enable Auto Play and hit play. It should work properly (prints Hello in blue)
  6. Duplicate Test_01 and it should be automatically named Test_02
  7. Find the Print String node inside the event track trigger event, change string color to red.
  8. Hit Save All
  9. Rename Test_02 to Test_02a
  10. Hit Save All
  11. Close the editor and reopen the project.
  12. Hit Play

Result: Nothing shows up

Expected: "Hello" printed in red

Note: If we double click Test_02a and open it for once. The print works. But the magic loses its potency after we restart the editor.

If we unbound the trigger event and rebind it to the function again. It's fixed permanently.

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There's no existing public thread on this issue, so head over toAnswerHub just mention UE-84852 in the post.

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ComponentTools - Sequencer
Affects Versions4.
Target Fix4.25
Fix Commit12234342
Main Commit12234725
Release Commit12234342
CreatedNov 21, 2019
ResolvedMar 17, 2020
UpdatedApr 7, 2020