Left Eye Renders black in VR when a PostProcess Material is applied.

On Quest Right eye renders post process mat and left eye renders scene, but upsidedown.

Also occurs in Packaged Project and/or with Instanced Stereo on

Confirmed in MAIN 4.25 at CL 10730208

Ensures in OutputLog:

LogOutputDevice: Error: Ensure condition failed: Views.Num() == 1 [Link Removed] [Line: 219]

LogOutputDevice: Error: Ensure condition failed: TextureBatch.Find(RHITexture) == INDEX_NONE [Link Removed] [Line: 213]

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a PostProcess Material. (Material Domain: Post Process , I reproed with Solid Color in Emissive Channel)
  2. Add PostProcessVolume to scene. Set infinite extent and apply created material. (Post Process Materials -> Add asset reference to array)

Result: Left Eye is Black

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ComponentUE - Platform - XR
Affects Versions4.244.25
Target Fix4.24.2
Fix Commit11073814
Main Commit11078248
Release Commit11073814
CreatedDec 16, 2019
ResolvedJan 21, 2020
UpdatedJan 26, 2021
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