Attached objects in sequencer do not detach with newly specified "When Finished" property until Sequencer is restarted. 


Tested in: 4.23.1 CL#9631420  4.25 CL#11062379

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Place two objects into the scene.
  2. Create a new Level Sequence 
  3. In the level sequence, move object A to another location
  4. Attach object B to object A at any point during transition. 
  5. Set the object to detach before the end of the sequence, ie. frame 50.
  6. Scrub to within the attach section time, ie. frame 25.
  7. Set the attach section to Keep State.
  8. Scrub outside the attach section time, ie. frame 75 (the object should still be attached)
  9. Set the attach section to Restore State <-- this is the key. Whenever this is changed, it takes the CURRENT state as the value to restore
  10. Scrub outside the attach section time, ie. frame 75.

Result: Object B will not detach 


Expected: The object detaches when prompted in the sequencer without having to restart sequencer.

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By Design
ComponentUE - Anim - Sequencer
Affects Versions4.
Target Fix4.25
CreatedJan 29, 2020
ResolvedFeb 1, 2020
UpdatedFeb 5, 2020