Improve DOF on flickering nanite geometry

UE - Graphics Features - Feb 9, 2024

TLDR: need replace DOF's TAA pass with a TSR pass that support Circle of Confusion, and better wuality by having one of each for foreground, slight focus, and background  ...

Two Sided Foliage doesn't receive VSM shadow with Opacity 0

UE - Graphics Features - Jan 25, 2024

Two-Sided foliage materials with an Opacity of 0 ignore any shadows cast with Virtual Shadowmaps, even in a completely sealed environment. This did not happen in UE 5.1.1 ...

Pixel Inspector does not display Gbuffer values properly when a mesh with a material that has Anisotropy set is in Level

UE - Graphics Features - Jan 16, 2024

This issue occurs when there is a material with Anisotropy, like the attached GIF.[Image Removed] ...

Volumetric clouds jitter when in front of geometry

UE - Graphics Features - Nov 30, 2023

Potentially related to [Link Removed], but distinct. ...

Some post-processing passes sample outside of the viewport when using scene capture components

UE - Graphics Features - Nov 29, 2023

It looks like the SSAO shader does not clamp its sample space to the half view size for the two inputs "Ambient Occlusion" and "AmbientOcclusionSetup", leading to invalid data entering the edge of f ...

Nanite shadow issue in commandline rendering

UE - Graphics Features - Nov 28, 2023