Lumen indirect lighting artifacts when far from world origin

UE - Graphics Features - Lumen - Feb 6, 2024

Lumen seems to not be using Large World Coordinates somewhere. The Lumen Scene develops artifacts at large distances (5000 KM) from the world origin. ...

Lumen with HWRT has an artifact on AMD GPU

UE - Graphics Features - Lumen - Feb 6, 2024

Repro test required.We don't have AMD GPU to create the same environment here, so we collected reproduction information from the licensee and passed it on as is.Let me know if you need any additiona ...

Shadow in Sky Reflections

UE - Graphics Features - Lumen - Nov 10, 2023

It looks like the DistantScreenTrace(...) in LumenScreenTracing.ush reports a false positive hit in the dark regions. Using screen trace visualization reports the distance in these regions as 65535. ...

Disabling DFAO prevents landscape from contributing to Lumen scene

UE - Graphics Features - Lumen - Oct 10, 2023

From licensee: We disabled DFAO on our project (using r.DistanceFieldAO 0) to replace it with Lumen occlusion, as the combination of both was creating dark blobs under bushes and grass. However, we ...

Lumen causing exposure issues when several viewports are opened

UE - Graphics Features - Lumen - Aug 16, 2023

Translucent Water renders dark with Lumen enabled.

UE - Graphics Features - Lumen - May 30, 2023

Regression tested in 5.1 at CL 23901901 where the issue still occurs. The material will still have the normal and reflective properties. ...

Lumen tile classification flicker

UE - Graphics Features - Lumen - Apr 19, 2023

While we suggest using screenpercentage at 25%, it is visible at higher percentages. Video showing the flickering: ...

Pink lighting artifacting on Mac

UE - Graphics Features - Lumen - Mar 23, 2023

There are pink lighting spots around the level when opening ContentExamples on Mac. Lighting starts out more intense but fades as the level loads in. Also occurs in new FirstPersonBlueprint templat ...

Global Distance Field Not Working With World->SetNewWorldOrigin

UE - Graphics Features - Lumen - Feb 20, 2023