Eyeball appears opaque on project launch

UE - Rendering - Feb 21, 2023

depth calculation is not functioning properly on mobile ES 3.1 preview

UE - Platform - Mobile - Feb 21, 2023

In 5.1.1, the depth calculation is not functioning properly on mobile ES 3.1 preview, resulting in reflections occurring in areas where they should not. When checking with RenderDoc in ES 3.1 Previ ...

mobile DOF setting is not applied when play on standalone mode

UE - Platform - Mobile - Feb 20, 2023

In 5.0, the mobile depth of field settings were correctly reflected when running standalone. However, in 5.1, the DOF doesn't appear to be working correctly and the focus is off, causing a blurry im ...

Create a Material Editor node that exposes the VertexID

UE - Rendering - Materials - Feb 20, 2023

A UDN user has requested that we expose the VertexID as a Material Editor graph node. According to a brief thread with [Link Removed] , this is a useful feature to add. https://udn.unrealengine.com ...

OnComponentHit Event is not triggered when hit by a spawned actor with simulate physics enabled for WheeledVehiclePawn with BoxCollison

UE - Simulation - Physics - Feb 20, 2023

BoxCollison's OnComponentHit event is not triggered when BoxCollison hits a spawned actor with simulate physics enabled. The event is triggered if the same actor has been placed in the level beforeh ...

Can start PIE in New Editor Window during PIE instance's online login

UE - Networking - Feb 17, 2023

When starting a PIE instance using the "Selected Viewport" play mode, the ability to start another PIE session is blocked (handled in FInternalPlayWorldCommandCallbacks::PlayInViewport_CanExecute). ...

If CustomNearClippingPlane of UCineCameraComponent changed, it will be reflected in normal CameraComponent as well

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Feb 17, 2023

CustomNearClippingPlane of UCineCameraComponent is new property in 5.1, but if use change this, it will also be reflected in the normal CameraComponent's NearClip. This is because the PerspectiveNe ...