Source Won't Build - UnrealInsightsCLI.cpp References Missing Header

Core - May 11, 2020

Line 9 in is '#include "TraceServices/SessionService.h" which used to be lo ...

Instance Synced properties in Blackboard cause a crash

Gameplay - AI - May 8, 2020

Using an Instance synced property in a Blackboard causes a crash when exiting PIE. This is a regression from 4.24.3 (CL-11590370). This was reported and tested in 4.25 (CL-13144385). This was teste ...

[CrashReport] UE4Editor-Core!static void PureCallHandler() [WindowsPlatformMisc.cpp:477]

Core - May 8, 2020

Generated from CrashReporter Error Message: Fatal error: [File:D:/Build/++UE4+Licensee/Sync/Engine/Source/Runtime/Core/Private/Windows/WindowsPlatformMisc.cpp] [Line: 475] Pure virtual function bei ...

Creating Widget at run time with an exposed variable causes Engine crash with Assertion

Tools - May 8, 2020

If you are using the default values of the In Size the project will run fine, but changing the values will make the engine crash. This was reported and tested in 4.25 (CL-13144385) and reproduced i ...

Mobile Depth of Field Focal Region is broken (not RDG)

Platform - Mobile - May 8, 2020

Result: notice that depth of field exhibits a rendering artifact (see attached screenshot). The PostProcessIntegrateDof pass is rendering to the wrong output dimensions, causing the artifact. This ...

SetPlayRange no longer working

Tools - Sequencer - May 8, 2020

Remove dependency on billing if Online Subsystem Google plugin disabled

Platform - Mobile - May 7, 2020

The Online Subsystem Google plugin cannot be disabled without errors due to missing billing API. ...