LevelSnapshots affect level visibility when restoring snapshot

UE - Virtual Production - Tools - Level Snapshots - Nov 2, 2023

Slack thread [Link Removed] ...

Editor freezes when saving a MaterialInstance

UDN users have reported hangs in the material editor when editing specifi material instances. This seems to be a threading bug, as CompileDebugViewModeShaders()  is waiting for a shader compilation ...

iOS App crashes in IAP code when AppStoreConnect agreement is not valid

UE - Online - Nov 1, 2023

From licensee: Their iOS app will "crash when purchasing IOS IAP was caused by the lack of a Paid Apps Legal Agreement setup in AppStoreConnect. It would be nice if we were to get a more graceful fa ...

LevelSequenceActor sequencer loaded with DataLayer does not progress track when played

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Nov 1, 2023

In UE5.2, there seems to be a problem with the initialization of the reloaded LevelSequenceActor. SequencePlayer->Initialize is not called in  ALevelSequenceActor::InitializePlayer() and Tick regist ...

DrawDebug elements on screen affect aspect ratio letterboxing

UE - Rendering Architecture - Nov 1, 2023

During gameplay when the view target camera's aspect ratio is not exactly the viewport's aspect ratio, the presence of rendered debug draw elements (DrawDebugArrow, etc) makes the viewport's rendere ...

Merge Actors Merge Materials Missing Visibility Collision

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Merge Actor - Nov 1, 2023

Merge Actors Merge Materials Missing in Content Browser

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Merge Actor - Nov 1, 2023

When duplicating the last point in a closed-loop spline, its metadata is inserted at the wrong index

UE - Editor - Framework - Nov 1, 2023

The SplineComponentVisualizer allows users to alt+drag on a spline point to duplicate it. When this is done on the last point of a spline marked as "closed-loop", the new point is correctly added at ...

FAnimationRuntime::BlendPosesPerBoneFilter() causes an assertive crash when Skeletal Mesh LOD is changed

UE - Anim - Runtime - Nov 1, 2023

The crash occurs from "check(BoneBlendWeights.Num() == NumBones);" This crash occurs when the following conditions are met;The skeletal mesh LOD is changed.The number of bones is difference between ...