Disabling Grid ShowFlag also hides billboard sprites and volume outlines

UE - Graphics Features - Nov 8, 2023

The following odd behavior did not happen until UE 5.2, but happens in the latest UE 5.3. When the "Grid" show flag is disabled in the Level Editor Viewport, all billboard sprites and volume outlin ...

Landscape renders black when baking with GPU Lightmass

UE - Graphics Features - Nov 7, 2023

A user encountered an issue with Landscapes not rendering once baked with GPU Lightmass. The user was using Ray Tracing. If using normal CPU Lightmass baking, landscape remains the same. ...

Emissive material lighting falloff regression in GPU Lightmass

UE - Graphics Features - Sep 12, 2023

Forum user noted that emissive lighting being built with GPU Lightmass is in fact being built, just not around the mesh, but in a larger radius and with reduced strength compared to 5.1.1. They foun ...

TSR & WPO - Distortion around mesh edges

UE - Graphics Features - Sep 8, 2023

The background around a mesh moving via WPO is distorted. Mesh is correctly outputting velocities. ...

[UELOC] UE Editor 5.3 Testing - TSR - Not Set for Localization

UE - Graphics Features - Aug 29, 2023

How to Reproduce:Launch UE 5.3 RelTest BSet language in zhCN (or other languages)input 'stat tsr' in command line4.Observe the stat in Viewport Issues: Unloc'd strings Link to the affected string ...

FCustomPrimitiveDataCustomization::SetVectorColor is closing the colorpicker and only updating the first channel

UE - Graphics Features - Aug 23, 2023

When it updates the red channel, the Simple Construction Script (SCS) gets re-run (via AActor::RerunConstructionScripts) on the Blueprint Actor instance generating new instances of all its component ...

Virtual texture lightmap shows black result after level streaming.

UE - Graphics Features - Aug 16, 2023

When streaming in a level with a virtual texture light map using LoadStreamedLevel, with bShouldBlockOnLoad=false. we will see black in the lightmap. This is caused by ResourceCluster->GetAllocatedV ...

Fix TSR velocity extrusion on rotating

UE - Graphics Features - Aug 3, 2023

Hair Culled but still evaluated

UE - Graphics Features - Jul 19, 2023