Post Process Materials After the Upsampler Have Incorrect ViewUniformBuffer Information

UE - Graphics Features - Jul 17, 2023

A proposed solution to this has been given by the licensee, please see the related UDN. ...

Volume artifacts (Bleeding)

UE - Graphics Features - May 31, 2023

Visual Noise on Thin Translucent materials with a Directional Light

UE - Graphics Features - May 30, 2023

Regression in testing This occurs with hardware and software ray tracing, as well as moveable and static lights This occurs regardless of anti aliasing. This was tested with DX12 ...

ReflectionEnvironmentAndSky(1739x747,StrataMat=Off) looks to have tile artifacts

UE - Graphics Features - May 26, 2023

Reflection environement looks to be suffering tile classification artifacts ...

Indirect Capsule Shadows showing up on Unlit Characters

UE - Graphics Features - May 5, 2023

For this to be observed, Allow Static Lighting must be true in project settings. This appears to be coming from an AO pass and from a Raytraced Indirect Capsule Shadows. ...

ReversedDepthOnlyIndexBuffer exported even when bEnableDepthOnlyIndexBuffer is false

UE - Graphics Features - Apr 14, 2023

ReversedDepthOnlyIndexBuffer is exported even when bEnableDepthOnlyIndexBuffer is false. It's likely an error and line 568 in StaticMesh.cpp should rather be ://if (!bEnableReversedIndexBuffer) <= ...

TSR ghosting with fast moving shadows

UE - Graphics Features - Apr 10, 2023

[Link Removed]  ...