Assertion failed: Engine crushes when a geometry collection hits a landscape

UE - Simulation - Physics - Jul 27, 2020

This is because THeightField::PhiWithNormal has not been implemented yet. ...

ChaosDestructionDemo packages cannot be created in 4.25.1

UE - Simulation - Physics - Jul 17, 2020

Chaos Destruction's PIE startup time increased several times from 4.23.1 to 4.25.1.

UE - Simulation - Physics - Jul 17, 2020

In response, the licensee asks the following questions.Are there any plans for improvement?Is there a workaround? ...

Collision preset in StaticmeshComponent in BP instance can not be correctly modified

UE - Simulation - Physics - Jul 3, 2020

For staticmesh component in a staticmesh actor instance, the collision preset can be modified correctly. ...

Crash opening project with Hair assets

UE - Simulation - Physics - Jun 30, 2020

Crash occurs when the user opens the linked project, which has Hair assets. [Link Removed] ...

Setting the Collision Response of an instanced actor through the Details panel overrides the Construction Script setting

UE - Simulation - Physics - Jun 23, 2020

The collision response of an actor can be changed through the Details panel of the instanced actor and this overrides the collision response settings that were set through the Construction Script. ...

Damping properties lost during change to the collision configuration.

UE - Simulation - Physics - May 18, 2020

See UDN ( ...

Spline Mesh Collision doesn't work in packaged game when spawning them at runtime

UE - Simulation - Physics - May 18, 2020

Spline Mesh Components lose their collision in a packaged game when spawning them at runtime, or modifying them via 'Set Start and End' function at runtime. ...

Ragdoll stops mid-air when activated during root animation

UE - Simulation - Physics - May 1, 2020

Crash if the setting of PhysicalAnimationComponent is changed in the same frame as teleport processing

UE - Simulation - Physics - Apr 24, 2020

Crash when ApplyPhysicalAnimationProfileBelow node and UPhysicalAnimationComponent :: UpdateTargetActors by UPhysicalAnimationComponent :: OnTeleport run in the same frame. Because RuntimeInstanceDa ...