Water plugin: editor defaults for water wave assets are not saved

UE - LD & Modeling - Terrain - Water - May 15, 2024

Crash when locate_bound_objects is called

UE - Anim - Sequencer - May 14, 2024

This has been tested internally using an editor utility widget yielding the same results. That small project is attached. BoundingObjectTest. 1) Open the project 2) Run the Editor Utility Widget ...

Cached camera component on LevelSequencePlayer is null

UE - Anim - Sequencer - May 14, 2024

Replication errors when connecting Shipping build to Test/Development build

UE - Networking - May 14, 2024

See linked UDN for more info. This issue was reported for Iris, but I believe package map errors occur in the current replication system as well. ...

Guid reference warnings when using the Take Recorde

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Take Recorder - May 14, 2024

When we record a Take from a level actor, a warning about referencing the same Guid inside LazyObjectPtr.h appears. The functionality of the LevelSequence works as expeced, but when the initial tak ...

Resave commandlet broken when using BuildEnvironment = TargetBuildEnvironment.Unique;

UE - Foundation - Core - May 14, 2024

The explanation from the licensee seems pretty comprehensive. Text from the UDN: We've been trying to run fixupredirects via the resavepackages commandlet, but noticed that the OFPA assets were no ...

[AI] Navmesh shows in editor but does not get loaded in PIE

UE - AI - Navigation - May 13, 2024

When using static or dynamic modifiers only navmesh, there are times that the navmesh will build and display correctly in editor, but it does not get properly loaded at runtime (PIE/SIE). The Recast ...

Cracks in Nanite Tesselated Landscape

UE - Graphics Features - Nanite - May 13, 2024

Landscape component edges can become disconnected when using Nanite Tessellation at the edges of weight-blended layers. ...

Cached camera component on LevelSequencePlayer is null

UE - Anim - Sequencer - May 13, 2024

Virtual Texture materials don't fully deduplicate generated virtual texture stacks

UE - Rendering Architecture - May 13, 2024

During material compilation we track unique individual virtual texture "stacks" and then create a virtual texture page table for each, along with unique bindings for each page table in the shader co ...