Fix TSR velocity extrusion on rotating

UE - Graphics Features - Aug 3, 2023

Expose SetWaterMaterial to BP

UE - LD & Modeling - Terrain - Water - Nov 9, 2022

Source of the request on UDN ...

Selecting and dragging multiple tracks on Sequence window combines the tracks to one row

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Sep 29, 2023

With plural shot tracks in different rows in the sequencer window, selecting these tracks and dragging one of them (but not the bottom one) left or right will merge the rows. Please check the attach ...

Can't copy/paste transform variable default values in the details panel

UE - Anim - Rigging - Control Rig - Sep 22, 2023

We can't copy/paste on default values of transform variables in the details panel.  Other variable types work as expected and transform types can have copy/paste applied like this in other blueprint ...

Multi-process cooking does not complete in UE5.3.0

UE - Foundation - Core - Cooker - Sep 26, 2023

Projects with multi-process cooking enabled will not complete packaging. If MPCook is disabled, packaging can be completed.  ...

[Interchange - glTF] Incorrect results when importing a GLB with skeletal animation

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Import and Export - Sep 25, 2023

Screen position expression does not work in UMG

UE - Editor - UI Systems - May 12, 2015

Screen position does not appear to work when used in UMG. The Material appears to be one solid color. ...

The SetEmitterEnable BP function needs implementation

UE - Niagara - Mar 2, 2020

The BP function calls FNiagaraSystemInstance::SetEmitterEnable, which sets ExecutionState on the emitter instance to ENiagaraExecutionState::Inactive. FNiagaraSystemSimulation::PrepareForSystemSimul ...

Custom Primitive Data crash when used from Static Mesh Comp attached to BP Actor

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 22, 2022

When trying to edit custom primitive data on static meshes attached to a BP actor, an out of bounds access will occur. This does not occur when the static mesh is simply on a regular Actor (Same rep ...

FCustomPrimitiveDataCustomization::SetVectorColor is closing the colorpicker and only updating the first channel

UE - Graphics Features - Aug 23, 2023

When it updates the red channel, the Simple Construction Script (SCS) gets re-run (via AActor::RerunConstructionScripts) on the Blueprint Actor instance generating new instances of all its component ...