Inconsistent Red X icons when using World Composition

Tools - World Composition - Sep 20, 2018

This issue takes a few attempts to repro. Sometimes when saving the icons will remain normal, but other times a red X will be displayed instead. Opening up the Level that is displaying the X and re= ...

Editor crashes if Sequencer has keyframes for a variable that has changed

Sequencer - Sep 19, 2018

The Editor crashes if loaded sequence has keyframes for an actor variable that has been changed, instead of soft erroring out. This was reported and tested on 4.20.3 (CL-4369336). It was reproduced ...

SceneDepth failed with MSAA on PC Mobile Preview

Platform - Mobile - Sep 19, 2018

In PC ,RHICreateTargetableShaderResource2D will create SeparateTarget and ShaderResource, and after basepass resolve depth from TargetableTexture to ShaderResourceTexture. But in mobile preview,  ...

Failed to package for IOS on PC with BuildGraph

Platform - Mobile - Sep 13, 2018

Light in Volumetric Fog offset in VR with Instanced Stereo and Forward Shading enabled

Virtual Reality - May 10, 2018

Light inside Volumetric Fog is offset in the right eye when viewing in VR with Forward Shading and Instanced Stereo Enabled If just Forward Shading or Instanced Stereo is enabled, this does not occ ...