Editing child property values is affecting parent property values

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Jan 27, 2020

BP - Nativized builds will incur data loss in a Blueprint class that contains more than one ChildActor component and for which each had its child actor class set in the Details tab before being renamed away from "ChildActor" in the component editor tree.

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Jan 27, 2020

Child actor component templates, when nativized, end up being owned by the converted Blueprint class object, rather than the child actor component template. Furthermore, we don't regenerate the chil ...

Debug render complex collision incorrect for spline mesh components

UE - Simulation - Physics - Jan 27, 2020

The debug render collision for spline mesh components using a mesh with complex collision is incorrect and is not updated to reflect changes in the mesh's deformation. The collision response itself, ...

World Origin Shifting Rendering Desync On Play

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - World Composition - Jan 27, 2020

World Memory Leak crash creating new level blueprint after editing sub level blueprint

UE - Gameplay - Jan 27, 2020

Crash occurs when the user adds a sublevel to the current level, edits the sublevel's level blueprint, and then attempts to make a new level. The state which triggers the crash seems to be when the ...

Editor crashes when changing skeletal mesh if another skeletal mesh component is attached when using master pose node

OLD - Anim - Jan 27, 2020

The crash only occurs if the additional skeletal mesh component is used with Set Master Pose Component (see ToggleAttach function in the TopDownCharacter BP). It doesn't seem to matter what mesh we' ...

BP - Nativized build will crash at runtime if a non-nativized child that inherits from a nativized parent containing a ChildActorComponent sets the CAC class to a non-nativized child of a nativized BP class.

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Jan 26, 2020

Current workaround: Add a dummy variable to either BP_Owner_Child or BP_CAC_Child to force one of the two to be nativized. ...

Creating BlueprintActor from EmptyActor produces an Actor with multiple DefaultSceneRoots

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Jan 24, 2020

This does not happen with UE4.22. Maybe related to CL#7462096 and CL#7476283. These are fixes for [Link Removed]. ...

Failed assertion on creating a basic chaos geometry collection and PIE

UE - Simulation - Physics - Jan 23, 2020

User encounters a failed assertion when trying to create a simple geometry collection from a box ...

BlueprintGetter does not work with or disable AnimGraph Fast Path

OLD - Anim - Jan 23, 2020

When used as part of the fast path in an ABP, variable Blueprint Getters are not used. If something with a getter that does not conform to or is supported by fast path, is used then fast path should ...