The ConvertToDeviceZ in common.usf seems wrong

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 26, 2021

Seems a bug in UClass::SetSparseClassDataStruct

UE - Foundation - Core - Mar 25, 2021

Assert when adding geometry cache asset as a component to a blueprint actor

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Import and Export - Mar 24, 2021

When adding an asset directly to a blueprint, it is not in the streaming components, so the assertion fails when setting the geometry cache. ...

Crash when using adaptive virtual texture

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 24, 2021

A check() is being hit intermittently when using adaptive virtual texture. check(Entry.Magic == Handle.Magic) inside FVirtualTextureProducerCollection::GetProducer ...

Volumetric Clouds do not render properly while in splitscreen

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 23, 2021

When implementing Volumetric Clouds in a splitscreen game, the clouds on the second player's screen render incorrectly. If the Two Player Splitscreen Layout is set to Vertical, then the clouds rende ...

Runtime Virtual Texture primitives set to never render to main pass still cause occlusion queries

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 23, 2021

RVT only primitives are being pushed through the occlusion culling. It would be more efficient to not do that. ...

Clothing tool may generate an unsmooth display mesh on 4.26

UE - Simulation - Physics - Character - Mar 23, 2021

This is related to the optimization applied in CL#13181876. Binding simulation mesh to display mesh can't find the nearest triangle when a triangle is located near the AABB boundary. ...

SeparateTranslucency doesn't work with MSAA on mobile.

UE - Platform - Mobile - Mar 20, 2021