Project Settings for Take Recorder's Animation Recorder do not persist after editor restart

Anim - Sequencer - Jun 25, 2021

Animation Recorder settings do not persist after editor restart. Can be worked around by setting the values in the EditorSettings.ini file under: [/Script/TakeTrackRecorders.MovieSceneAnimatio ...

Deleting transform track can fail to restore state

Anim - Sequencer - Jun 24, 2021

Deleting the transform track for an actor that does not have a transform track by default can fail to restore state if there are no keys.  ...

Deactivating a shot section from scripting does not affect evaluation

Anim - Sequencer - Jun 23, 2021

Disabling a shot from scripting will not affect evaluation of the sequence.  ...

When creating an asset from an Emitter with a scratch module, changes to the new module will not propagate

UE - Rendering - Niagara - Jun 21, 2021

A scratch module made in an emitter, will not reflect the changes of its new parent when an asset is crated from the emitter. ...

Override Game Mode in Media Render Queue does not work properly

Anim - Sequencer - Jun 21, 2021

This problem behaves differently between Local and Remote Render when Game Mode is set in Override. ...

Scene Capture Cube not affected by bloom

UE - Virtual Production - Jun 17, 2021

PDO black pixel artefacts while moving

UE - Rendering - Jun 14, 2021

Worth noting on PC this is visible but doesn't always occur.  [Image Removed] ...