GPU Debug Label is not set on some textures

UE - Rendering - Aug 11, 2021

texture streaming is one of the reasons that drop the label but not the only reason. add a line of code RHIBindDebugLabelName(NewTexture, *OldTexture->GetName().ToString()); into FMetalDynamicRHI:: ...

[Reverb Effect] - Deactivate Reverb Effect Blueprint Doesn't Deactivate Reverb

UE - Audio - Aug 11, 2021

When deactivating a reverb, it's removed from the Activated List, but doesn't get removed from being the active reverb. Confirmed occurs in 4.27 and 5.0 ...

Groom bound to GeometryCache is unstable

UE - Editor - Datasmith - USD - Aug 10, 2021

This issue seems to occur only in 4.27 with DX12. Did not repro in 4.27 with -dx11, nor in UE5 DX11/DX12. ...

DebugDrawHelper memory leak in editor

UE - Rendering - Aug 10, 2021

Refraction broken when using material function

UE - Rendering - Aug 10, 2021

Licensee has provided a BP workaround ...

Shader compilation failure crash with DX12, Tesselation, Distance fields, Instanced Stereo, and Hierarchical LOD Coloration viewmode

UE - Rendering - Aug 5, 2021

upd. Regression was checked on //UE4/Release-4.26 CL 15973114, issue wasn't reproduced. Regression - YES Shader compilation failure crash with DX12, Tesselation, Instanced Stereo, and Hierarchical ...

DefaultEditor.ini dirtied when UpdateSingleSectionOfConfigFile is called for an object containing an array property

UE - Foundation - Core - Aug 5, 2021

Closing an AdvancedPreviewScene results in a call to UAssetViewerSettings::Save to save the preview scene settings, regardless of whether or not anything has been modified. This in turn calls Update ...