The Niagara Staticmesh data interface node Random Tri Coords doesn't respect Emitter's Deterministic Settings

UE - Niagara - Aug 11, 2021

From UDN: We are using the Cascade particle system and we want to render the same scene with multiple cameras, so multiple renders are required. In order to ensure that the result of the particle s ...

GPU Debug Label is not set on some textures

UE - Graphics Features - Aug 11, 2021

texture streaming is one of the reasons that drop the label but not the only reason. add a line of code RHIBindDebugLabelName(NewTexture, *OldTexture->GetName().ToString()); into FMetalDynamicRHI:: ...

[Reverb Effect] - Deactivate Reverb Effect Blueprint Doesn't Deactivate Reverb

UE - Audio - Aug 11, 2021

When deactivating a reverb, it's removed from the Activated List, but doesn't get removed from being the active reverb. Confirmed occurs in 4.27 and 5.0 ...

Groom bound to GeometryCache is unstable

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - USD - Aug 10, 2021

This issue seems to occur only in 4.27 with DX12. Did not repro in 4.27 with -dx11, nor in UE5 DX11/DX12. ...

DebugDrawHelper memory leak in editor

UE - Graphics Features - Aug 10, 2021

Refraction broken when using material function

UE - Graphics Features - Aug 10, 2021

Licensee has provided a BP workaround ...

Shader compilation failure crash with DX12, Tesselation, Distance fields, Instanced Stereo, and Hierarchical LOD Coloration viewmode

UE - Graphics Features - Aug 5, 2021

upd. Regression was checked on //UE4/Release-4.26 CL 15973114, issue wasn't reproduced. Regression - YES Shader compilation failure crash with DX12, Tesselation, Instanced Stereo, and Hierarchical ...