Inaccurate Panning on Tap Delay Submix

UE - Audio - Oct 5, 2021

The panning in the Tap Delay Submix Effect does not always match its assigned Pan in Degrees value. Specifically, the left and right side appear to be reversed on Stereo setups. In addition, in 5.1 ...

When CascadeToNiagara, the Disable state of Emitter is not converted properly.

UE - Niagara - Oct 5, 2021

In # copy the emitter enabled state. enabled = ue_fx_utils.get_lod_level_is_enabled(cascade_emitter_lod) niagara_emitter_context.set_enabled(enabled) It stores the ...

Copying a BP function with split pins creates all individual params of the struct, instead of making the parent struct

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Oct 3, 2021

This occurs in UE5/EA and in Release-5.0 ...

Bool input pins connected to boolean logic nodes can fail to compile

UE - Anim - Runtime - Oct 1, 2021

Bool input pins will fail to compile when connected to a boolean logic node and the node also has a float input pin that is currently connected. Compilation will fail with the error Default value ' ...

REINST classes are available in the class reference drop down

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Sep 28, 2021

This doesn't seem to occur every time I run the editor, I can't get it to repro consistently Note: It is possible that this is happening in blueprints based off of a native c++ class has been rel ...

Implied Decal Blend Modes don't account for static ignore-switch parameters in an expected way

UE - Graphics Features - Sep 28, 2021

The desired behavior from a user perspective here is that they'd be able to use Static Switches in a decal master material to toggle different features and behaviors. In the above setup, if I set th ...

Implied Decal Blend Modes don't properly account for Material Attributes usage

UE - Graphics Features - Sep 28, 2021

I've attached a project with the necessary materials that demonstrate this issue. I would expect that just because a Set Material Attributes node is inside a material graph it wouldn't affect the de ...

Display Blueprint Added Components on subobjects with meta = (ShowInnerProperties)

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Sep 28, 2021

Right now only native subobjects are displayed in the details panel with meta = (ShowInnerProperties) is set. Child Actor Components are an example of this, where if the child actor you have added h ...

VR Editor Mode doesn't work with OpenXR

UE - Platform - XR - Sep 27, 2021

iPhonePackager code signature not supported by iOS 15

UE - Platform - Mobile - Sep 27, 2021