[Audio Capture] - Editor crashes when activating an Audio Capture component when there are no active input or output devices avilable

UE - Audio - Aug 12, 2022

If a device has no available input or output devices, activating an Audio Capture component will cause the device to crash. Occurs in Editor and Runtime. Assertion failed: NumTotalFrames > 0 [File:E ...

MoviePipeline: OnExecutorErroredImpl has inverted bError bool usage

UE - Anim - Sequencer - MRQ - Aug 8, 2022

OnExecutorFinishedDelegateNative and OnExecutorFinishedDelegate broadcasting an bFatal into a bSuccess parameter which is inverted. Canceling a render is an error. In general the OnErrored delegate ...

TSR does not seam to work on AMD

UE - Rendering - Aug 8, 2022

[MetaSounds][Wave Player] - Looping sound waves is not sample accurate

UE - Audio - MetaSounds - Aug 8, 2022

When playing the two metronome sounds, it is expected that when the 1bar asset loops, it will stay in time with the 12 bar asset; however, instead phasing begins to occur. This does not occur when ...

VolumetricFog does not update + creates artefacts in low exposure environments

UE - Rendering - Jul 26, 2022

See licensee video here which shows the issue - [Link Removed] ...

Button response wrong on lastest MacbookPro

UE - Platform - Mac - Jul 24, 2022

SingleSampleShadowFromStationaryLights does not work in UE5 (when GPU-Scene is used)

UE - Rendering - Shadows - Jul 21, 2022

The flag is not propagated in FPrimitiveSceneShaderData::FPrimitiveSceneShaderData and so is missing in GPU-Scene primitive data. Need to add: .UseSingleSampleShadowFromStationaryLights(Proxy->UseS ...