Contain node for a Text Array returns wrong value when packaged

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Mar 13, 2023

This is not a regression. Tested in the following branches and change lists:BranchChange ListResultsText compared to VariableVariable added compared to VariableText compared to Text//UE5/Release-5.0 ...

Unable to select object when using DistanceToNearestSurface node for Opacity Mask in Masked Material

UE - Rendering Architecture - Materials - Mar 6, 2023

From observations, this seems to be related to how the mesh selection works, and may be making the pixel under the mouse masked away. Adding a value >= 0.5 between the clamp and the Opacity Mask out ...

FBX Export - Bug w/Material Import Method - Create New Instanced Materials

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - FBX - Mar 3, 2023

There appears to be a bug with the "Create New Inherited Materials" option of the "Material Import Method" of the FBX Import Options.   Instead of creating a material instance of the material specif ...

Widget Component Variable can not be changed to Public with Instance Editable

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Mar 2, 2023

This is not explicitly a regression from 5.0.3. In 5.0.3 the component variable is set to public with instance editable by default and can not be changed. Tested in //UE5/Release-5.0 CL20979098 Any ...

Crash when TSR history separate translucency enabled

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 1, 2023

[AI] Editor crash when moving BT nodes if the BB has a BlackboardKeyType_Object with a null BaseClass

UE - AI - BehaviorTree - Feb 28, 2023

The editor crashes if a BT is changed while its Blackboard has an Object type key with its BaseClass set to None (null). There is no warning or log alerting the user that setting the BaseClass to No ...

Light shaft bloom oscillating with TAA/TSR

UE - Graphics Features - Feb 23, 2023

Ensure failing when skeletal mesh uses CapsuleIndirectShadow while Anti aliasing method is MSAA

UE - Graphics Features - Feb 23, 2023

Video of issue provided by licensee can be seen here - [Link Removed] ...

[AI] Navmesh generates incorrect triangles that connect a lower platform to one above it

UE - AI - Navigation - Feb 21, 2023

Navmesh is setting some vertices to be quite above what would be the max step height of the agent when two platforms are aligned with one above the other. The navmesh may reach up to the upper platf ...

Eyeball appears opaque on project launch

UE - Graphics Features - Feb 21, 2023