Editor crash when the renderdoc.captureframecount is set more than 1

UE - Rendering Architecture - RHI - Jun 27, 2023

Animation curves on Montages are not remapped when using a 'Compatible' skeleton

UE - Anim - Runtime - Jun 27, 2023

[Link Removed] From UDN: If you are using the new compatible skeletons feature and you have a Montage with an attribute curve on it, the curve is not correctly mapped to the target skeleton. So ...

'Quit Editor' Blueprint Node Crashes Editor

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Content Browser - Jun 26, 2023

Using the Quit Editor blueprint node crashes the editor when used, instead of exiting cleanly. Closing the Content Browser prevents the crash from occurring, however. ...

[MetaSounds] The Members' detail panel does not accurately update after making an edit and selecting a different member

UE - Audio - MetaSounds - Jun 26, 2023

Note: This issue also affects MetaSound Patches and any Members Menu List Repro Rate: 5/5 Regression marked as No: issue was seen in 5.2 and 5.1  UE5+Release-5.2-CL-26001984 UE5+Release-5.1-CL- ...

Running Lyra with a Startup Movie causes a crash

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Slate - Jun 26, 2023

Adding a startup movie to a Lyra Starter game project will cause a crash in a packaged build.  Full callstack is attached ...

Decal material is drawn twice when using mesh decals in mobile forward

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jun 26, 2023

For desktop renderers, deferred and forward are both one draw.[Image Removed][Image Removed] ...

Added Scene Components are Missing Billboard Nodes

UE - Gameplay - Components - Jun 22, 2023

Newly added scene components to blueprints will have no billboard sprites, and thus cause the actor to be invisible in the editor unless other visible components are added. They exist on the default ...

[Sequencer] Setting additive transform keyframes on Actor Blueprints (using S hotkey) causes Actor to pop

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Jun 22, 2023

See attached gif for popping behavior. The issue does not occur if using the Enter hotkey or clicking the Add Keyframe button. The issue also does not occur on static or skeletal meshes.  ...

Unloading a level instance by data layer creates empty folders in the top level of the outliner

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Level Instances - Jun 22, 2023

Inconsistent media texture new style output state across the engine

Media Framework - Jun 20, 2023

A simple search for `NewStyleOutput = true` will reveal the many instances where this flag is already forced on, including media plates and media bundles. This however means that we have incompatib ...