Gameplay Ability Component Montage Replication incorrectly handles cyclic animation sections

UE - Gameplay - Gameplay Ability System - Dec 4, 2023

In AbilitySystemComponent_Abilities.cpp, the check for the client being on a different section on line 3059 checks that the RepNextSectionID is not the current section. One would assume this is beca ...

Gameplay Cue Notify Paths in Game Feature Modules don’t work when written in the ini file, only when added via AddGameplayCueNotifyPath()

UE - Gameplay - Gameplay Ability System - Dec 4, 2023

The gameplay cue may work fine the first time. If this is the case, then relaunch the editor. It should then be broken, as the tag is no longer loaded after its creation. ...

Lumen scene view - spot light cut off

UE - Rendering Architecture - Dec 1, 2023

This looks to be an issue with shadows in Lumen Direct Lighting, and might be coming from the "Batched lights" pass. ...

Nanite Dynamic Tessellation issue with Material Layers

UE - Graphics Features - Nanite - Dec 1, 2023

When a BPActor containing HISMs is multiplied with a scale, LOD display control doesn't work correctly

UE - Rendering Architecture - Nov 29, 2023

Workaround 1: 1. Change HierarchicalInstancedStaticMesh.cpp in either of the following ways:void{{ FHierarchicalStaticMeshSceneProxy::GetDynamicMeshElements(const TArray<const FSceneView*>& Views, c ...

Crash Duplicating an empty AtlasRow material node

UE - Rendering Architecture - Materials - Nov 29, 2023

This isn't a hard crash, but a "verify(...)" from MaterialExpressions.cpp, line 559. ...

Some post-processing passes sample outside of the viewport when using scene capture components

UE - Graphics Features - Nov 29, 2023

It looks like the SSAO shader does not clamp its sample space to the half view size for the two inputs "Ambient Occlusion" and "AmbientOcclusionSetup", leading to invalid data entering the edge of f ...

Volumetric fog flicker side screen

UE - Rendering Architecture - Nov 29, 2023

The flicker is visible in Epic scalability as well, it is just smaller on screen because the fog voxels are smaller (r.VolumetricFog.GridPixelSize). ...

Nanite shadow issue in commandline rendering

UE - Graphics Features - Nov 28, 2023

UMovieSceneDMXLibrarySection::GetFixturePatches returns invalid patches

UE - Virtual Production - IO - DMX - Nov 28, 2023

UMovieSceneDMXLibrarySection::GetFixturePatches() returns an invalid patch as follows. The if condition needs to be corrected.  TArray<UDMXEntityFixturePatch*> UMovieSceneDMXLibrarySection::GetFixt ...