Nanite custom depth rendering is missing support for r.CustomDepthTemporalAAJitter=0

UE - Graphics Features - Nanite - Dec 14, 2023

Nanite custom depth rendering doesn't "de-jitter" the view parameters for custom depth rendering when r.CustomDepthTemporalAAJitter is set to 0. This was discovered by a licensee and reported via U ...

Unexpected resimulations after a client possesses a moving pawn

UE - Gameplay - Network Prediction - Dec 14, 2023

If a player possesses a moving NPP-simulated pawn, there is some kind of logic problem where a reconciliation immediately is triggered, and resimulations keep streaming for a long time. This proble ...

Paste of subcategories does not work

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Dec 14, 2023

Crash on paste of subcategory in the details panel

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Dec 14, 2023

Per instance custom data and Material Layers issue

UE - Rendering Architecture - Dec 12, 2023

[Attenuation][Spatialization] - If speaker output is set to stereo, the Surround 2D Non Spatialized Radius Mode doesn't generate any audio

UE - Audio - Dec 12, 2023

If Surround 2D is set as the Non Spatialized Radius Mode, there is no fallback option if the user's output is not a surround format (eg stereo). There is also nothing communicated in the Tool Tip. ...

Fix AssetManager rules overrides in case PrimaryAssetTypesToScan for PrimaryAssetLabel sets bApplyRecursively=false

UE - Foundation - Core - Cooker - Dec 11, 2023

SetPrimaryAssetRules sets the "is overridden" variables (e.g. bOverrideApplyRecursively) based on a comparison with the global default rules:static FPrimaryAssetRules DefaultRules; ... ExplicitRu ...

AssetRegistry and CoreRedirects: Users of GeneratedClassTag do not uniformly handle CoreRedirects

UE - Foundation - Core - Cooker - Dec 11, 2023

ClassPaths are stored in FBlueprintTags::GeneratedClassPath, FBlueprintTags::ParentClassPath, FBlueprintTags::NativeParentClassPath, and are read by many locations in editor code. But these location ...

Option "Always load last project on startup" is broken on UE 5.3

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Dec 9, 2023

In UE 5.3, when the option "Always load last project on startup" is enabled and a new Editor launch attempts to automatically reopen the last closed project, the dialog "The following modules are mi ...

Optimize Data Layer runtime state replication

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Data Layers - Dec 7, 2023

[Link Removed]This issue occurs only when I have a lot of RDLs (I tested 2500 and 1600). I tested with 6 RDLs and had no issuesI also noticed in the server log an error when a lot of RDLs are presen ...