Double clicking on Interface Function in Blueprint Graph does not take you to the function implementation.

UE - Editor - Jan 11, 2024

When double-clicking on an interface function call within a blueprint, the expected behaviour is that it will take you to the implementation of this function. However, it currently does nothing. ...

Specular/Anisotropy problems with Nanite Meshes

UE - Rendering Architecture - Jan 11, 2024

Specular highlights can disappear with clearcoat materials, when "Clear Coat Enable Second Normal" is enabled ("r.ClearCoatNormal"). ...

Capturing backtrace of another thread in engine built with clang raises access violation exception

UE - Foundation - Core - Jan 11, 2024

Engine built with Clang throws an exception when calling RtlVirtualUnwind with a different thread ID. Engines built with Microsoft compilers do not occur this problem. For example, if starting PI ...

Some debug modes do not work in PIE

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jan 9, 2024

It looks like the output of the debug pass is ignored, and the final output from the last frame before the pass was enabled is displayed instead. If the pass is modified to return a different textu ...

Setting GDelayTrimMemoryDuringMapLoadMode = 2 causes crash on same map reload

UE - Gameplay - Jan 8, 2024

GDelayTrimMemoryDuringMapLoadMode is a CVar that controls whether a garbage collection should take place during map change after unloading the previous map and before loading the new one. By default ...

Shadow map z-fighting when using Overlay material

UE - Platform - Mobile - Jan 8, 2024

Casting is not working as expected for interfaces in python

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Dec 22, 2023

GetMonitorSizeFromEDID may fail to acquire the native resolution for ultrawide monitors

UE - Foundation - Dec 20, 2023

For some ultrawide monitors, UE may not correctly fetch the native resolution. GetMonitorSizeFromEDID attempts to retrieve native resolution from the Detailed Timing Descriptor of the EDID, but thes ...

Cannot set background color for UI Domain material preview

UE - Editor - UI Systems - UMG - Dec 18, 2023