Material Artifacts When Using World Position and Pixel Normal Together

Rendering - Jan 2, 2019

When using "World Position" and "Pixel Normal" nodes together. it causes artifacts in the material. In 4.19 CL# 4033788 this did not occur with the same material setup. Found in 4.20 CL# 4369336, 4 ...

Engine\Build\IOS includes an expired certificate

Platform - Mobile - Jan 2, 2019

\Engine\Build\IOS\AppleWorldwideDeveloperRelationsCA.pem is out of date. This causes a warning to appear when submitting app.  Workaround: Install latest WWDR ( ...

Hot Reload cannot be performed when using the DebugGame Editor configuration

Core - Hot Reload - Dec 31, 2018

In 4.21.1 it is no longer possible to perform a Hot Reload when the game is open in the Editor and using the DebugGame Editor configuration. REGRESSION: Yes. A Hot Reload was possible in 4.20.3 whe ...

Virtual Bone effect is lost after re-importing mesh

Anim - Dec 31, 2018

After setting up a Virtual Bone on the skeleton and having it drive a Skeletal Control Node in an Animation Blueprint. Reimporting the skeletal mesh will cause the setup in the Anim BP to revert bac ...

Depth Fade Material + Mobile HDR Disabled does not work with OpenGL 3.1 on Oculus Go

Platform - Mobile - Dec 28, 2018

"Depth Fade" material node does not work on Oculus Go with Open GL 3.1 active and Mobile HDR disabled. Seems very similar to UE-60150 however disabling Separate Translucency or calling  r.Mobile. ...

Blueprint graph stops drawing correctly after using shift-drag

Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Dec 26, 2018

When shift-dragging in the Blueprint graph and ending the drag on a node with a connected wire, the Blueprint graph will freeze up. There is an attached video that showcases the issue as well. Th ...

Sequence node numbering error when adding execution pin.

Gameplay - Blueprint - Dec 26, 2018

When using the "Insert execution pin after" option with a sequence node "Then 0" gets removed. ...

In the Editor details panel for a float, When entering a decimal of 18 numbers results in incorrect truncation.

Tools - Dec 24, 2018

In Editor details panels for a float value, when entering a decimal of 18 numbers results in incorrect truncation. ...

Android 9 has api compatibility problem

Platform - Mobile - Dec 24, 2018

Protobuf cause crash on iPhoneXR

Platform - Mobile - Dec 24, 2018