DXC: IOS Half precision no longer supported

Rendering - RHI - Jun 9, 2020

Text 3D Component not available in Blueprints

Tools - Virtual Production - Jun 8, 2020

After enabling the Text3D plugin, Text3D component is not available to add to an Actor Blueprint in 4.25. This had previously worked in 4.24.3 ...

[Groom] Very thin hair has incorrect raytraced shadow on edges

Rendering - Ray Tracing - Jun 8, 2020

This only happens when 1) Hair Width is very small. e.g. 0.01 in the example 2) Light has raytraced shadow and Samples Per Pixel has a value > 1. e.g. 8 in the example The problem seems to be rel ...

Incorrect conversion when using FUnitConversion::Convert

Core - Jun 5, 2020

Incorrect conversions values received and using FUnitConversion::Conversion ...

Investigate state of embedded and dynamic framework support on iOS

Platform - Mobile - Jun 5, 2020

Licensee reports it's not possible to use the dynamic framework used by the latest release of the iOS version BugFender - [Link Removed] Licensee bug report: : https://github.com/bugfender/Bugfende ...

Target Gamma setting has no effect when using SceneCaptureActor which has no contribution from PostProcessInput0

Rendering - Jun 4, 2020

Expected result is that the Target Gamma slider would apply that calculation to what's being written to it.  RT_PostProcess is a RTF RGBA8_SRGB render target being written to by a SceneCapture Acto ...