EHMDTrackingOrigin Enum isn't used correctly

UE - Platform - XR - Sep 27, 2021

Is this a bug with OpenXR tracking in OpenXRHMD.h:145? virtual void SetTrackingOrigin(EHMDTrackingOrigin::Type NewOrigin) override { TrackingSpaceType = (NewOrigin == EHMDTrackingOrigin::Floor ...

iPhonePackager code signature not supported by iOS 15

UE - Platform - Mobile - Sep 27, 2021

Asset Manager settings that worked in 4.26 now have extra invisible broken types

UE - Foundation - Core - Cooker - Sep 23, 2021

For 4.27/5.0 (as part of [Link Removed]) we changed the asset manager's settings to be a key-indexed config array which gives more safety with removing entries via the UI. However, this actually bro ...

Height fog removed in split screen when player1 is facing the opposite direction.

UE - Graphics Features - Sep 23, 2021

Please see the UDN for a potential fix/workaround description. ...

GI bounces missing from static SkyLight.

UE - Graphics Features - Sep 23, 2021

Potentially missing lightmass path for skylight that needs to imitate the static directional light GI solution. ...

Crash editor after editing property of TwoBoneIK node

UE - Anim - Rigging - Sep 22, 2021

Crashes after editing properties of TwoBoneIK node. If following the reproduction steps, the binding of NodePropertyDelegateHandle will not be removed, causing illegal access on the second editing. ...

Editor Crashes when adding the Start Matinee Camera Shake node to a Blueprint and playing in editor

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Sep 9, 2021

When adding the Start Matinee Camera Shake node to a blueprint and then playing the project, the editor crashes. When regression testing in 4.26 however, I noticed that compiling the Third Person Ch ...

Android Vulkan SM5 crash at startup

UE - Platform - Mobile - Sep 6, 2021

Paused Sounds Do Not Have their Channel Map Updated Properly on Device Swap

UE - Audio - Sep 2, 2021

Swapping between output devices with different channel counts can cause sound corruption for sounds that were paused during the device swap call. More info can be found in the linked UDN, along with ...