ICVFX Editor: Last Entry Index of "Pre-Viewport Color Grading" shows "Entire Cluster" group data.

UE - Virtual Production - nDisplay - Mar 2, 2023

The ICVFX view is displaying parameters for the entire cluster when the group in the right-most index is selected. Its expected that the right-most index group should behave like every other group, ...

Sequence is marked dirty when closing

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Feb 24, 2023

mobile DOF setting is not applied when play on standalone mode

UE - Platform - Mobile - Feb 20, 2023

In 5.0, the mobile depth of field settings were correctly reflected when running standalone. However, in 5.1, the DOF doesn't appear to be working correctly and the focus is off, causing a blurry im ...

Editor Crash after Compiling Primary DataAsset

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Compiler - Feb 16, 2023

After compiling a data asset blueprint, attempting to open the parent data asset will crash the editor. From licensee: This is because in FAssetEditorToolkit::InitAssetEditor() the objects in Objec ...

Crash during cloth initializations while the debug materials are being loaded.

UE - Simulation - Physics - Character - Feb 15, 2023

The FGCObject::AddReferencedObjects() can be called during the LoadObject for the cloth debug materials, while the material object pointers are not yet initiliazed, causing the editor to crash. ...

When editing a Niagara module an error can occur if using non-module functions, even with a correctly set usage bitmask

UE - Niagara - Feb 14, 2023

When editing the module the call to FHlslNiagaraTranslator::HandleDataInterfaceCall has the usage "Module", so it treads the module as if that was its stack context, even though the module's usage b ...

FMassArchetypeData::ExecutionFunctionForChunk crashes on binding shared fragments

UE - AI - Mass - Feb 14, 2023

FMassArchetypeData::ExecutionFunctionForChunk is using wrong mappings while binding shared fragments. It's using RequirementMapping.ChunkFragments while it should use RequirementMapping.ConstSharedF ...