Bug with undo not marking level sequence dirty

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Dec 1, 2022

Visual delay when using Seek in media player blueprint

Media Framework - Nov 29, 2022

Reproduced about 6 times from 9 attempts. Regression TBD. ...

r.AllowOcclusionQueries 0 keeps increasing PrimitiveOcclusionHistorySet memory

UE - Rendering Architecture - RHI - Nov 29, 2022

r.AllowOcclusionQueries 0 skips the call to TrimOcclusionHistory(), so the PrimitiveOcclusionHistorySet container continues to grow. ...

Fix UMovieSceneSequence::FindPossessableObjectId for child bindings

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Nov 28, 2022

Calling UMovieSceneSequence::FindPossessableObjectId with a guid that relates to a child binding does not work correctly because it just goes through the binding references and calls LocateBoundObj ...

Niagara compile error : Select Position from Array

UE - Niagara - Nov 24, 2022

A similar node, Select Vector From Array, does not have this problem. The difference between the two seems to be whether or not Required is checked in the input node's exposure options. ...

Chaining AutomationTool Commands leads to an endless loop

UE - Foundation - Cpp Tools - Automation Tool - Nov 23, 2022

Repro Rate: 3/3 This issue was reproduced in //UE5/Release-5.1 at CL 23058290. This is confirmed to not be a regression since the error also occurs on the previous live version. This is regression ...

Crash on mobile OpenGL with a retainer box

UE - Platform - Mobile - Nov 23, 2022

Scroll box hand icon is small when DPI scaling is enabled

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Slate - Nov 22, 2022

The scroll box widget currently hides the cursor and manually draws a closed hand software cursor in SScrollBox::OnPaint when right clicking and dragging. This software cursor does not account for D ...

TMap<Bool is disallowed despite bool having a hash

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Nov 22, 2022

Reproduced 3/3 times. User is unable to create a new TMap with bool key through Blueprints (which is the expected result).  Issue is technically a Regression, as the ensure does not occur in //UE5/ ...