Listen For Input Action firing erroneously.


Confirmed in 4.26 MAIN @ CL 11536993

Steps to Reproduce

User provided repro project attached.

  1. Register new input Action in project settings (MyAction for example) 
  2. Assign keyboard button to "MyAction" (Q for example)
  3. Create UserWidget blueprint (W_Widget)
    3.1 Add Button to UserWidget (it's placeholder button, dont change params on it)
    3.2 Open "Event Graph" and assisgn ListenForInputAction to "Event Construct"
    3.2.1 Set ActionName - "MyAction" value
    3.2.2 Set Callback - Create Custom Event and Assign "Remove from Parent" function
  4.  Open player pawn or character blueprint and add input action "MyAction" 
  5. Add to "Pressed" execution pin of "InputAction MyAction" - Create Widget (W_Widget) -> Add to Viewport
  6. Run PIE
  7. . PRESS AND HOLD Q (Dont release Q)
  8. PRESS AND HOLD Button (from 3.1) with Left Mouse Button

Result: Widget will be destroyed from 3.4 callback you can press and hold Q again and click on button, nothing happens, its worked as designed for second time. You can restart PIE and repeat all from step 6. Widget will be destroyed on first mouse click, but will be fine for second time

Expected: Widget destroys only when you release Q

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By Design
ComponentUE - Editor - UI Systems
Affects Versions4.
Target Fix4.27
CreatedFeb 19, 2020
ResolvedOct 8, 2020
UpdatedAug 10, 2021
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