Cumulative Patching does not work with Pak signing

UE - Foundation - Feb 20, 2024

Cumulative patching is implemented by copying the generated pak files during staging of the base and each patch to the Releases directory. When creating a patch, all of the pak files from the releas ...

Derived struct data is not copied to Base struct

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Feb 19, 2024

The actor Blueprint is intentionally causing an object slice to occur. In other words, we're copying a derived type to a base type, so the expectation is that only the inherited base properties are ...

Copied Actors in World Partition Levels Maintain References to Actors They Are Copied From

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - World Partition - Feb 19, 2024

When an Actor is duplicated in the editor inside a world partition level it maintains references to the Actor it is a copy of. This can cascade, i.e. Actor C, which is a copy of Actor B which is a c ...

MustBeMappedGUID errors after several seamless travels

UE - Networking - Feb 19, 2024

This seems to be the same issue as was reported in [Link Removed], as enabling net.ResetAckStatePostSeamlessTravel resolves the issue. However, it was recently reported that disabling net.FilterGuid ...

[Datasmith] Geometry in specific wire file is not tessellated

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - CAD - Feb 19, 2024

UDN - Crash reverting SkeletalMesh unsaved changes

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Asset Build - Feb 19, 2024

Blueprint "Diff Against Depot": Restoring an instanced object results in reference to the object in the temporary diff asset

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Feb 19, 2024

When diffing a blueprint against depot via the Content Browser context menu action "Revision Control > Diff Against Depot", restoring an instanced object property from the depot version results in t ...

Nanite enabled Geometry Collection is not simulated by ChaosCache in package application

UE - Simulation - Physics - Feb 19, 2024

When using ChaosCacheManager to simulate destruction of a GeometryCollection, destruction is not simulated when Nanite is ON for the GeometryCollection. In the editor, destruction is simulated rega ...

Keep Playback Range In Section bounds can cause Actor Sequence range to be inclusive

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Feb 16, 2024

FSequencer::UpdatePlaybackRange does not check the exclusivity of the new bounds when setting them, but UMovieScene::UpgradeTimeRanges does. ...

Replace Transform Track setting not used when importing FBX through scripting.

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Feb 16, 2024

Importing the fbx uses the default settings, which aren't accessed through scripting, so they cannot be changed. To circumvent this  MovieSceneToolHelpers::ImportFBXIfReady caches the defaults, and ...