Allow for Chords in the EnhancedInputUserSettings

UE - Gameplay - Input - Jun 23, 2023

The ActionInstanceData event is incorrect when triggering a "Started" delegate which is on the same tick as a "Triggered" event

UE - Gameplay - Input - Jun 15, 2023

This is happening because the FInputActionInstance has the event as "triggered" when the triggered event and started event occur on the same frame. This is correct, but when the delegate gets fired ...

Enhanced Input duplicately fires input event when used in Widgets.

UE - Gameplay - Input - Jun 9, 2023

When creating a UserWidget and creating a process to receive input events with Enhanced Input, input events may be generated multiple times in duplicate. To reproduce this problem, create a Widget a ...

Combo triggers do not fire the "Completed" event

UE - Gameplay - Input - May 25, 2023

Cannot Add Player with a second controller in Lyra

UE - Gameplay - Input - Feb 24, 2023

Controller 1 is able to navigate the menu as normal, but if you hit the "Start" button on Controller 1, it'll flash the Add Player UI element but won't connect as Player 2, and the output log will s ...

Update FLevelEditorViewportClient::InputAxis to forward mouse axis events as well

UE - Gameplay - Input - Feb 23, 2023

FLevelEditorViewportClient::InputAxis needs to be updated to use the device mapper and FInputDeviceID's instead of the old int 32 ControllerID. Looks like this was missed during the refactor to use ...