The hair shading near the screen edge becomes whiter if only a skylight applies

UE - Graphics Features - Apr 4, 2023

This appears to be an issue with Lumen, with some off-screen information making its way on-screen during an upsampling pass. We checked a Renderdoc capture and that is where it seems to come from. ...

Mesh decals do not display on packed level actors

UE - Graphics Features - Apr 4, 2023

Light function materials using WorldPosition do not render correctly to volumetric fog if there is more than one

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 27, 2023

There is a one-line fix for this in a shader file, see their PR on GitHub: ...

UnkownRef Mips can cause TextureStreaming peaks during loading

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 27, 2023

UnkownRef Mips is meant to fix/workaround the problem where some textures are used for rendering but they don't have any component references them (such as texture used by PP effects) These UnkownR ...

Decals Normal only + Material Attributes

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 24, 2023

This does not just work with BaseColor, you can affect any of the outputs by connecting something to a disconnected CreateMaterialAttributes. ...

Raytraced translucency makes ExpHeightFog black

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 17, 2023

Does not occur in path tracing nor rasterized translucency. ...

Source Textures used with a Rect Light are blurry and diffused

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 14, 2023

This is a regression from 5.0.3 tested in the following streams:BranchChange ListResults//UE5/Release-5.020979098Did not reproduce//UE5/Release-5.123901901Reproduced//UE5/Release-5.224608918Reproduc ...

Postprocess volume priority bug

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 13, 2023

Distance Field AO for Hair shading model looks incorrect

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 10, 2023

It will be the same drawing as the Default Lit Material with the same value set to Nomral.[Image Removed] ...

Automotive Materials - ClearCoat Specular Artifact with Saturation ~1

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 8, 2023

[Link Removed][Link Removed] ...