Crash in Acquire/Release UGoogleARCorePointCloud.

UE - Platform - XR - Mar 21, 2018

Severe Performance Drop Using PlanarReflectionComponent and Oculus Rift in VR

UE - Platform - XR - Mar 19, 2018

Upon moving around when PIE with VR Preview selected, you'll notice there are drops in framerate where the project seems to skip. ...

GoogleVR layout visible if stereo is off on iOS

UE - Platform - XR - Mar 7, 2018

User reported bug With iOS applications that swap from VR mode to non-stereoscopic mode, GoogleVR overlay remains on screen. This does not occur on Android devices. ...

Prompt for camera permissions when running Google VR plugin

UE - Platform - XR - Mar 7, 2018

Need to update these UDN threads when the issue is fixed. ...

VREditor: Right eye freezes when looking at a selected object with temporal upsampling enabled

UE - Platform - XR - Feb 27, 2018

The right eye of the HMD freezes when looking at an object that has been selected in VR Mode with Temporal Upsampling on. Happens with both Vive and Oculus. I did not see this when playing in VR. I ...

VR template motion controllers are not assigned correctly

UE - Platform - XR - Feb 23, 2018

The motion controllers appear to be incorrectly assigned in the VR template resulting in them no longer tracking the motion controllers. The Hand enum that is exposed in the BP_motionController that ...

[CrashReport] UE4Editor_CoreUObject!UObject::ProcessEvent() [scriptcore.cpp:1189]

UE - Platform - XR - Feb 22, 2018

No user comments on crash group ...