Crash when double-clicking landscape editor splines point tangent

UE - LD & Modeling - Terrain - Landscape - Apr 11, 2023

When double click splines point tangent, the editor will crash.  This issue related to [Link Removed], it didn't care about double-click case. Workaround: void FEditorViewportClient::ProcessDoubl ...

BPGC GetPreloadDependencies() may be excluding non-DSO archetypes

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint - Apr 10, 2023

Currently, UBlueprintGeneratedClass::GetPreloadDependencies() is only inclusive of subobjects instanced via CreateDefaultSubobject(). We may need to broaden it to include RF_ArchetypeObject and/or ...

TSR ghosting with fast moving shadows

UE - Graphics Features - Apr 10, 2023

[Link Removed]  ...

Crash when client tries to connect to server instance using WP

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - World Partition - Apr 10, 2023

OCIO: orthographic viewport perspectives disable color transform

UE - Virtual Production - Rendering - Color - Apr 6, 2023

Switching through a non-perspective view disables the OCIO color transformation until perspective is re-selected. (There is also a related Slate-Editor issue where the visible viewport label doesn't ...

Custom Primitive Data on BP instance not taking affect while in editor

UE - Rendering Architecture - Apr 5, 2023 ance-not-taking-affect-while-in-editor Original Repo is from 4.27, however, it still happens in 5.2. This is ...

MultiMonitor inconsistent resolution issues.

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Slate - Apr 5, 2023

Replicated components spawned by CreateComponentOnInstance are broken by object reuse

UE - Gameplay - Apr 5, 2023

When the gameplay framework component manager creates components as part of CreateComponentOnInstance, it passes in the requested class name as the literal name of the component instead of using the ...

Bridge plugin causing crash when right-clicking content browser on Mac

Quixel - Apr 5, 2023

Right clicking in the content browser causes a crash with the Quixel Bridge plugin enabled.  This issue is occurring in Binary //UE5/Release-5.2-Preview-2 @ CL 24887336 This issue is not occurring ...