Meta Specifier BlueprintBaseOnly does not seem to work as intended

UE - Gameplay - Mar 19, 2024

Based on this case here: From my testing the user seems to be correct. Applying th ...

Crash when entering Brush Editing mode with a Sequence spawnable Post process volume

UE - LD & Modeling - Modeling Tools - BSP - Mar 18, 2024

In-Memory replay checkpoints incorrectly deleted when stream length is less than TimeBufferHintSeconds

UE - Networking - Mar 18, 2024

The buffer start time is calculated by subtracting the TimeBufferHintSeconds from the stream length: const uint32 BufferStartTimeMS = UE::LWC::FloatToIntCastChecked<uint32>(FoundReplay->StreamInfo.L ...

When the Initial Position of an Animation Asset is entered outside the expected range, the animation gets stucked and does not refresh.

UE - Anim - Runtime - Mar 18, 2024

The animation gets "corrupted" when the Initial Position value has an invaildad value. In this case, this means that the Initial Position value is outside the range of the duration of the Animation. ...

Support compatible skeletons for child montage

UE - Anim - Gameplay - Mar 17, 2024

Restricted Gameplay Tags cannot be added

UE - Gameplay - Mar 15, 2024

The Gameplay Tags settings have the option to set up restricted tags as described in the documentation. Prior to 5.3, the UI correctly supported creating new restricted tags as described in the old ...

In Path tracer, the Sun disk in the Twinmotion Dynamic sky does not produce the Bloom, Lens flare and Lens dirt effects.

TM - Rendering - Mar 15, 2024

Note that it works when using the old sun intensity (25) instead of the 100,000 value. Also, reducing the scattering in the sky will bring back the bloom. ...

The AABBTree spatial acceleration structure goes off-sync when physics substepping is enabled in a "low" framerate environment.

UE - Simulation - Physics - Mar 15, 2024

When you enable the physics substepping, if you run the console command p.Chaos.Solver.DebugDrawSpatialAccelerationStructure 1, you can see how does not follow the physical object. The user that rep ...

Crash when double clicking on RowStruct's CurveEditor

UE - Editor - Applied Usability - Mar 15, 2024

This problem can be reproduced with UE5.3 even after applying fix [Link Removed]. We have verified this issue with UE5.1 and it is not reproduced.  ...

AdditionalPluginDirectories/RemappedPlugins doesn't work for packaged/zenstore build when plugin directory is relative and outside of project directory

UE - Foundation - Core - Mar 14, 2024

Originated from UDN post: QUOTE: TLDR: Use of 'escape' paths in U ...