Assert when toggling RHIThread

UE - Rendering Architecture - RHI - Oct 12, 2023

AbilitySystemComponent::NotifyAbilityEnded Can Crash due to Callbacks Invalidation Specs

UE - Gameplay - Gameplay Ability System - Oct 11, 2023

Pasting from the UDN: Unsafe code in AbilitySystem can lead to crash when granting an ability inside OnAbilityEnded Hello. We just ran into a crash. After investigation, it seems to be caused by ...

Ctrl+B doesn't browse to asset when Sequencer is open

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Oct 11, 2023

Crash when deleting a folder with children in the Outliner in a large map

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Oct 11, 2023

We've encountered a crash when trying to delete a folder after renaming one of its' children. I have attached a video and the callstack to this ticket. This might be related to [Link Removed] as the ...

FTickTaskLevel::RescheduleForIntervalParallel Crash

UE - World Creation - Worldbuilding Tools - Oct 11, 2023

Short description from Licensee (attached UDN has more info):When streaming a level in and/or out (out especially in World Partition due to the bRequireFullVisibilityToRender variable usage) there i ...

[IFC] Failed to import file

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - CAD - Oct 11, 2023

Import RoodExample2.ifc [Link Removed] Result: [Image Removed] Expected: [Image Removed] ...

Spawn Actors At Location within Dataprep Asset does not specify asset when selecting one from the drop down

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Visual Dataprep - Oct 10, 2023

3/3 Set Regression to no as this issue is still occurring within //UE5/Main-Release-5.3 @ CL 28051148 Halo testing was performed on other cards within the Dataprep library to see if this issue was ...

Disabling DFAO prevents landscape from contributing to Lumen scene

UE - Graphics Features - Lumen - Oct 10, 2023

From licensee: We disabled DFAO on our project (using r.DistanceFieldAO 0) to replace it with Lumen occlusion, as the combination of both was creating dark blobs under bushes and grass. However, we ...