Bug when trying to Ctrl+Z after Replace Actors

UE - Editor - Workflow Systems - Dec 22, 2023

From the UDN case #00649142: My team noticed a bug where sometimes when using "Undo" (Ctrl+Z usually) the BP they are working on disappears in the level. We were able to find a 100% repro case when ...

Actors are not properly restored when undoing a Replace Selected Actors transaction

UE - Gameplay - Components - Jul 22, 2020

When undoing a Replace Selected Actors operation, the resulting actor is corrupt and triggers an ensure where the root component is in the process of being destroyed. This is a regression that poppe ...

Assert when toggling RHIThread

UE - Rendering Architecture - RHI - Oct 12, 2023

PCG graph always resave in the ResavePackage commandlet

UE - World Creation - Procedural Tools - PCG Graph - Nov 20, 2023

The package that contains the PCGGrapch is dirtied on load (UPackage::SetDirtyFlag) which triggers a resave operation. I traced it back to the following callstack: UnrealEditor-CoreUObject.dll!UPac ...

USplineComponent::GetSplinePointAt() returns FSplinePoint with incorrect Type

UE - Gameplay - Components - Feb 15, 2024

USplineComponent::GetSplinePointAt() returns an FSplinePoint with the ESplinePointType 'CurveCustomTangent' rather than the type from the setup.Expected: It should return the correct type. ...

Artifact when rendering high-resolution images with Lumen and Movie Render Queue

UE - Graphics Features - Lumen - Apr 26, 2022

Artifacts when using Lumen at 8K equivalent resolution and rendering with MRQ. 8K equivalent, because the same issue occurs when the resolution is set to 4K and the Screen Percentage is set to 200. ...

UDN - Crash reverting SkeletalMesh unsaved changes

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Asset Build - Feb 19, 2024

Forward renderer's masked material are broken with 8x MSAA

UE - Graphics Features - Mar 18, 2021

Problem seams to be coming from MaterialTemplate.ush's GetDerivativeCoverageFromMask() ...

Can't inherit from ALight without a linker error

UE - Gameplay - Feb 22, 2024

This is a regression from 5.3. It should be possible to inherit from ALight outside of the engine module without any sort of errors. Case: [Link Removed] ...

Replace Transform Track setting not used when importing FBX through scripting.

UE - Anim - Sequencer - Feb 16, 2024

Importing the fbx uses the default settings, which aren't accessed through scripting, so they cannot be changed. To circumvent this  MovieSceneToolHelpers::ImportFBXIfReady caches the defaults, and ...