DateTime Variable in Sub Widget resets on Compile

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Jan 7, 2021

When attempting to set the default value of a date time in a sub widget the changes are not kept after compiling. ...

Crash on project startup due to certain Skeletal Mesh being accessed

UE - Anim - Runtime - Jan 6, 2021

If you open the 6 assets that were close unexpectedly it will crashEnemy (Blueprint), Player_BP (Blueprint) and ThirdPersonGameMode (Blueprint) it crashesThe texture and Projectile_Base (Blueprint) ar ...

Ensure in APlayerState::OnRep_bIsInactive may be hit

UE - Networking - Jan 6, 2021

The ensure in APlayerState::OnRep_bIsInactive may be hit due to the player state being replicated before the game state. The check is necessary for making sure the game state is available, but the e ...

LandscapeComponent LodBias doesn't work

UE - LD & Modeling - Terrain - Landscape - Dec 17, 2020

The LOD is not reflected in Shadow when r.ForceLODShadow is set

UE - Rendering - Dec 16, 2020

When I looked into this feature, I noticed that ForceLOD was not set by the code below. Therefore, I confirmed that only Shadow can change LOD by changing as follows.[Link Removed] ...

FBX SkeletalMesh import - Some custom attribute values interfere with SkeletalMesh Import/Export

UE - Editor - Content Pipeline - Import and Export - Dec 8, 2020

It appears that the value of a string custom attribute on a SkeletalMesh node can interfere with the import process of the SkeletalMesh, as well as with the export process according to UDN. Adding t ...

Ensure condition failed: Play an animation in the finished animation event called from UUserWidget::StopAllAnimation

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Dec 1, 2020

If a widget has playing animation node in finished animation event, calling StopAllAnimations appends a new UMGSequncePlayer to ActiveSequencePlayers array during array iteration and cause ensure co ...