The VertexInterpolator connected to a Normalize node, input into BaseColor results in black Mesh LOD Coloration

UE - Rendering - Materials - Nov 16, 2021

It does not appear to matter to the repro steps what is input to the VertexInterpolator, it matters more that there is a Normalize between the VertexInterpolator and the base color input of the mate ...

GPU Particle may blink when rendered in scene capture.

UE - Rendering - Niagara - Nov 11, 2021

Skylight's Realtime Capture does not work on Switch

UE - Platform - Mobile - Nov 11, 2021

Numpad + Shift does not release keystrokes

UE - Gameplay - Input - Nov 9, 2021

The combination of Numpad + Shift seems to have various problems.  Regression No, according ...

MakeMaterialAttributes and LandscapeLayerBlend produce unexcepted results for WorldPositionOffset

UE - Rendering - Materials - Nov 8, 2021

For comparison, this issue doesn't seem to occur when recreating the setup with Set Material Attributes/GetMaterialAttributes. It seems isolated to the Make/Break nodes. ...

In a Blueprint Timeline, the Add Selected Curve Asset button doesn't function properly when a Float Track has already been added to the Timeline

UE - Gameplay - Oct 28, 2021

When selecting the Add Selected Curve Asset button with a Float Track in a Timeline, nothing appears to happen. However, if you delete the Float Track and then either add another Float Track or add ...

Crash when using AnimBudgetAllocator

UE - Anim - Runtime - Oct 21, 2021

In the AnimNode_Slot code, It seems that update() and evaluate() should be called by following order because in TickAnimation step, we need to make MontageEvaluateData valid.SkeletalMeshComponent::U ...

PVRTC texture is sampled as white when the uv value is very close to 0

UE - Platform - Mobile - Oct 20, 2021

When the uv value is very close to 0 ( < 0.001 ), the boundary value of the PVRTC texture is sampled as white. please refer to attached images and sample project. problem goes away when changing th ...

Const Blueprint Implementable Events don't update if const is removed from the native declaration

UE - Gameplay - Blueprint Editor - Oct 19, 2021

Constness is not updated in overridden BlueprintImplementableEvents when the native declaration is made non-const.  ...

[AI] GameplayDebugger can be enabled by key press when a Slate widget is focused.

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Oct 12, 2021

Found by licensee. After debugging, it appears that the Slate input is consuming the KeyDown event which adds the apostrophe, but it passes the KeyUp event back to Player input. The gameplay debugge ...