Color samples are not displayed when switching to light complexity view.

UE - Rendering - Nov 25, 2021

In other views, such as Shader Complexity, color samples are displayed. ...

The VertexInterpolator connected to a Normalize node, input into BaseColor results in black Mesh LOD Coloration

UE - Rendering - Materials - Nov 16, 2021

It does not appear to matter to the repro steps what is input to the VertexInterpolator, it matters more that there is a Normalize between the VertexInterpolator and the base color input of the mate ...

GPU Particle may blink when rendered in scene capture.

UE - Rendering - Niagara - Nov 11, 2021

Skylight's Realtime Capture does not work on Switch

UE - Platform - Mobile - Nov 11, 2021

Numpad + Shift does not release keystrokes

UE - Gameplay - Input - Nov 9, 2021

The combination of Numpad + Shift seems to have various problems.  Regression No, according ...

MakeMaterialAttributes and LandscapeLayerBlend produce unexcepted results for WorldPositionOffset

UE - Rendering - Materials - Nov 8, 2021

For comparison, this issue doesn't seem to occur when recreating the setup with Set Material Attributes/GetMaterialAttributes. It seems isolated to the Make/Break nodes. ...

In a Blueprint Timeline, the Add Selected Curve Asset button doesn't function properly when a Float Track has already been added to the Timeline

UE - Gameplay - Oct 28, 2021

When selecting the Add Selected Curve Asset button with a Float Track in a Timeline, nothing appears to happen. However, if you delete the Float Track and then either add another Float Track or add ...

Crash when using AnimBudgetAllocator

UE - Anim - Runtime - Oct 21, 2021

In the AnimNode_Slot code, It seems that update() and evaluate() should be called by following order because in TickAnimation step, we need to make MontageEvaluateData valid.SkeletalMeshComponent::U ...

PVRTC texture is sampled as white when the uv value is very close to 0

UE - Platform - Mobile - Oct 20, 2021

When the uv value is very close to 0 ( < 0.001 ), the boundary value of the PVRTC texture is sampled as white. please refer to attached images and sample project. problem goes away when changing th ...